You may recall during your presentation that one of the program managers confessed to having thought “I wasn’t hired to be a salesperson.” Thanks to your presentation he saw that his job of promotion was far beyond just selling someone something. It occurred to me that now degree of process, systems or salesforce training could have overcome this very basic attitude, which would have hindered his success. What you provided today was immeasurable.
President, Not for Profit
This training is exactly what this salesforce and this company needed. It is thorough, effective, repeatable, understandable and simple. Jock is a great trainer and our sales team can only get better after this training.
Sales Manager, Clinical Diagnostics Manufacturer
I wanted to send you a quick “thank you” e-mail. This week I was tasked to give a presentation to my boss’s boss and the executive team. The presentation went well and I received many compliments on my presentation style and delivery. Considering how difficult presenting was for me just 6 months ago, this is a HUGE achievement and something I could not have achieved without your help. Our VP or R&D approached me afterwards to ask where I learned my presentation skills. I happily forwarded on your contact information
Clinical Affairs Manager, Medical Device Manufacturer
A sincere thank-you for a powerful, eye-opening three days. The team and I were moved and I anticipate real change in the company. I look forward to continuing the journey!
President, Genomics Data Analysis Company
You are the best at your craft – I’m very happy that we have a partnership – I really feel like I’m developing people and you have a lot to do with me feeling that way! Congratulations – nice job and thanks!
VP Commercial Operations, Clinical Diagnostics Manufacturer
You were AWESOME at the symposium. You killed it and it was great. I would love for you to do the same talk at next year’s symposium if at all possible. We may also want to consider that talk for our employees as well.
COO, Laboratory Information Systems Company
Happy and healthy New Year to you and yours!!! We are finding improvement in our young sales producers’ volume current year vs. previous. THANKS to you!!! Thanks again for all your help in changing the direction of many of our young peoples’ approach to sales!!!
Vice President, Commercial Real Estate Capital Company